Sex and Love-which is more important?

The desire for food and sex is part of human nature.This is the truth that has been proven in the long history.If the diet pays attention to appetite, love pays attention to sexual desire. Lack of love is not refreshing, lack of sex is not enthusiastic.Women and men in the world can’t escape the most basic desires of people.

The ideal marriage is based on love and sex. Material life, spiritual life, and sexual life are the three major lives of our human beings.  Whether it is for individuals or marital sex has an irreplaceable role. In fact,  sex life is more important for marriage than love,  because disharmonious sex leads to the breakdown of marriage than without love. Marriage seems to be reliable.  In fact,  a small storm can destroy it. You can’t regard sexual disharmony as a small storm.

TPE sex doll

Contradictions may arise in all aspects of life,  and sometimes the cause of inexplicable quarrels may also originate from this.  The anger and resentment caused by the long-term repression of either spouse may become the last straw  in marriage at any time.  Especially now that we all have family and business pressures,  it is difficult to tolerate unreasonable quarrels and suspicions at the same time.  This is why more and more middle-aged people will be willing to buy realistic sex dolls to escape this pressure.  They are tired of  handle the problems between women, and turn to the feeling-less TPE sex dolls finally.  Obviously,  a relationship without sex will reduce communication,  both physically and psychologically.

Sex Doll VS Escort, How Do You Choose?

In daily life, there are some men might suffer from social anxiety, not good at talking to girls, or disposition reason, to upset their sex lives, and as an alternative to escort or prostitutes.

But the reality of real escorts seems to be different than advertised.The escort may not look as attractive as her photo, and may have lied about her age and embellished the image.Escorts can be temperamental, hostile or poorly served.The escort may try to add to you or cajole you for more money.The escorts may have STDS or AIDS, and you don’t know, you may not even have security measures.

Above all, prostitution is illegal, and hiring escorts can get you arrested.Imagine how you would explain this to your friends, parents, and colleagues.

Why not choose a beautiful, high-quality sex doll?Why do you have to have sex with a strange woman?In my opinion, sex dolls are better than escorts.

sex doll

Sex dolls are always as young, beautiful, and sexy as they were last time, and her body shape and appearance never change with time.You can choose your satisfactory perfect sex dolls, whether it is a slim or plump, large breasts or flat chest, big butt or warped ass, small or tall, curls or straight hair, no matter what you want, here always have a sex doll is suitable for you.

You can use a adult sex doll to fulfill any crazy sexual fantasy you have. Nothing is restricted. You can be as perverted as you want.Adult sex dolls are flexible and can be placed in different positions. You can have vaginal, oral or anal sex with adult sex dolls.You don’t have to worry about underperforming in bed or meeting any expectations, you can be yourself.Adult sex dolls will never reject you or laugh at you.

Sex with adult sex dolls is free from STDS and AIDS. Long-term relationship with sex dolls, you will gradually become emotional with her, deeper feelings, will change the feeling of making love.

The sex doll may not be able to speak and talk to you, but the sex doll is the best listener and companion.

What Is The Similarity And Difference between Sex Dolls And Real Women?

Sex dolls appear in front of men as replicas of perfect women. With the growing popularity of sex dolls, women also gradually feel threatened by sex dolls.Lonely men’s demand for sex dolls is increasing, and the meaning of sex dolls is not only sex for them, but also for companionship all the time.Although the economy, science and technology and culture of modern society have been greatly developed, but the relationship has become complicated, the sense of emptiness and loneliness of modern humans has gradually increased, so sex doll just fill in the gap of human heart.Sex dolls have obvious similarities and differences from real women.

The similarities

Same body structure and similar appearance.Realistic sex doll is created to simulate women in real life, with beautiful heads, perfect body proportions and sexy figures, all of which satisfy male sexual fantasies.And with the same vagina and anus as real women, men can experience multiple sexual intercourse and increase the way they experience sex.

sex doll

The differences

1. In reality, women have life and soul, while realistic sex dolls have no life and no soul.Realistic sex doll will never say no to you, and real women may reject you when you feel tired or uncomfortable when you want to have sex.A realistic sex doll is always there for you 24 hours, but if it is a real woman, she will have her own business to deal with and cannot be with you at any time.If it is a realistic sex dolls, you can according to your idea change her appearance, but for a real woman, you need to respect her thoughts, you can communicate with her, if she is willing to change for you, this is the best results.Silicone sex doll don’t complain, or you don’t have to spend a penny to meet the requirements of she, however, real woman has a lot of complaints theme, anniversaries, her you need to find ways to meet her various requirements.

realistic sex doll

2.Real women can get pregnant, but silicone sex dolls don’t.There is no need to use condoms in order to have sex with silicone sex dolls.On the contrary, when having sex with a real woman, preventive measures must be taken.

3.Having sex with a real woman can lead to STDS.When we have a one-night stand, we have sex with a strange woman. In this case, we don’t know whether the other person is healthy or not.Silicone sex dolls can avoid such things happening.

silicone sex doll

4.The purpose of sexual intercourse is different.In the course of sexual intercourse with a real woman, the man often tries hard to please the other person.But having sex with a silicone sex doll is a completely different thing. You don’t have to worry about the feeling of other people.Even if you have sex with a sex doll just to practice your sexual skills, it doesn’t affect your relationship with the sex doll.

From the above description, this is why sex dolls are becoming more and more popular and why women feel threatened.

Sex Doll VS Masturbation, Which Is Better?

Do you have the habit of masturbation?This behavior is common in both men and women.Centuries ago, religion regarded masturbation as a sin and an ugly phenomenon.With the passage of time, the human mind gradually opened up and people gradually changed their views on masturbation.They started thinking that masturbation was a normal physical phenomenon.

Some men who are not satisfied with their sex life or have a strong sexual desire will relieve their sexual tension and impulsiveness by masturbating.Men and women can have orgasms through masturbation without needing their own sexual partners.Masturbation is a pleasant way to explore sexual fantasies and desires, which can increase the happiness of sex.

sex toy Masturbation

However, unconscious masturbation can consume a lot of energy and reduce your testosterone.Frequent masturbation can consume a lot of nutrients in the body, such as vitamins, calcium, chlorine, cholesterol, citric acid, creatine and so on.Regular ejaculation leads to decreased testosterone levels.Masturbation can lead to erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.This is a very serious consequence and the treatment process is relatively difficult.If you masturbate for a long time or if you masturbate uncontrollably, you will do some harm to your body. We should be responsible for our body.

silicone sex doll

We also have a better choice — sex dolls.Silicone sex doll not only have the function of masturbation, relieve tension, have fun, can also help a man to control the amount of sex, because sex with a silicone sex doll like making love with real a sex young woman, so that men can is restrained.Have a healthy and happy sex life.Silicone sex dolls can be temporary substitutes when the sexual partner is not around or when the physical condition is uncomfortable. This is better than finding a prostitute or having a one-night stand with a strange woman.It’s also can reduce the risk of STD infection.

Some say masturbation is free, but sex dolls cost a lot of money.Money and health, which would you choose?

Do Sex Dolls Improve or Destroy Your Sexual Life?

Sex dolls are made from a variety of materials that determine their price.Some sex doll owners collect them, give them their names, and get used to living with them.Some men admit that they have fallen in love with their possessions, even if they cannot function as normal people.But is it really possible for a man to fall in love with a realistic sex doll?
Because of their lifelike size and natural appearance, it’s easy to say that Eva can be the perfect companion.Sex dolls are easy to fall in love with. They have sexy bodies, plus their clothes and hair.Their faces can be created according to your wishes, or they can be small or heavy.Many men admit that they like real-life realistic sex doll just as much as they like humans.This makes sense, especially if you visit a BBS site and read the people’s posts.They even tell their stories to people they interact with.

sex doll
A master is very honest about his relationship to the real adult doll.He bought it a few years ago, and it has been a common sight in his family ever since. He sits on the sofa or table and lies in bed.The realistic sex doll was his only companion, and his friends knew her;He was not worried about what they thought of him behind his back.All he knew was that he was happy with his sex life.
Another man suffered a painful divorce when his only child grew up.Because of loneliness, he chose a silicone sex doll, which gave him happiness and enjoyment.When he found his daughter again, he thought of a silicone sex doll that looked like her, because the child preferred her mother to him.He is eagerly awaiting the birth of a second silicone sex doll.And there his life shall be ended, for he shall have two lovers of his life in his house.

sex doll
Many people use a silicone sex doll to tell their love story online.Of course, they want to be unknown because living with adult silicone sex dolls is not entirely acceptable to our society.The last thing they want to do is deal with the negative reactions of others.Most of these men have lost their loved ones to a disease, an accident or even legal separation, and they are happy that sex has been invented.They become happy and their loneliness is eliminated.
If a mature silicone sex doll can give you anything you want from a woman, be sure to get a mature silicone sex doll.

Is Robot Sex Doll Our More Intimate Relationship in The Future?

Did you know that two-thirds of 100 men would have sex with a robotic sex doll?Can you imagine yourself having sex with a robotic sex doll?If you don’t know, keep reading and learn more.

Robotic sex dolls have become more human-like in appearance, attributes and intelligence.Because of this, more and more people are willing to have sex with them.By 2050, sex with robotic sex dolls will be more common than with humans, and sex between human and robotic sex dolls will become socially normal.In fact, robotic sex dolls can be your future mates.

If you don’t understand, open your heart and read this article, and you may change your view of robotic sex doll.

robot sex doll

At the beginning, sex dolls were always challenged by morality, which was regarded as immoral by opponents. However, time gradually changed people’s views on sex dolls, and many people began to accept sex dolls.

In a survey of 3,000 men on Twitter, 20 percent said that “robot sex doll lovers can make real women obsolete.”Another 10 per cent said “other” men might choose artificial intelligence sex dolls over real-life women, but not them at all.

So, in the future, sex dolls are more likely to appear in your home.

Over the past few decades, inflatable dolls have been considered a gag gift, and the quality of inflatable dolls has never been Paramount in the production process.

sex doll

This year, thanks to the development of technology, silicone sex doll has been upgraded to an unprecedented degree, and their appearance is very similar to that of real women.Soft life-size silicone sex dolls are too real, but they are perfect.

With the advent of artificial intelligence, silicone sex dolls have also been upgraded, and artificial intelligence sex dolls can now talk to humans and give rational answers, rather than just playing back recordings and moaning.These sex dolls become smarter with each conversation because their memories store their owner’s information.Interphone artificial intelligence is developing rapidly, providing more realistic companion.Artificial intelligence does not stop at talking to humans, but also combines sophisticated facial movements that mimic human emotions with some fairly modern artificial intelligence (AI).The goal of artificial intelligence is not only sex. There are other human needs in order to achieve a more realistic, harmonious and intimate relationship.