More Realistic than Pornography, Fantasy Experience that is Easier to Control than Sexual Relations

There are many things that can be recalled from anatomy to promote fantasy experiences. To understand it, first understand technically what makes certain objects a sex robot. They are already in the form of sex toys and are connected to programs that simulate real feelings.

When people talk about sex robots, they tend to talk about humanoid robots, some of which have been successful, while others have no market. In 2009, a device called RealTouch was launched. This device can connect porn videos and simulate the actor’s feeling on the screen in real time. According to a review by the tech news site Gizmag, this experience is quite real.

There are as many people who support and oppose these robots, and some people will worry about hurting sex workers who are already marginalized. Others may have the emergence of sex robots as a safe way to protect these security.

Although some experts claim that popular sex dolls will be a heat in 2050, even marriage with sex dolls will be a popular trend, but it is still impossible to avoid the fact that sex dolls are expensive.

On the other hand, the public accepts the sex and love of sex robots. When any sex robot appears, we will be very familiar with the sex relationship with our partner through the computer, so the transition to something that looks like a partner will not be a Huge and big habits. For those interested, you may refer to Flash Forward.

Difference Experience of AI Sex Dolls

A touch similar to human skin. Only one silicone doll can be produced every day, and its realistic feeling can be imagined. It is not difficult to see from the feel of the hands, why silicone market is so hot, is that she really touches like the human skin, and  has a fleshy feeling.

After the body is done, it is the head of the doll. It involves the appearance of the doll. This is not an easy time. It takes a lot of time to complete. Only in this way can the customer’s requirements be met.

The pupil color, wig style, mouth, nose, face, etc.  all can be designed in customized sex doll.

In order to enhance the market competitiveness of the life size sex  doll, the silicone doll can connect to the mobile phone for a simple dialogue, this function is similar to the way Siri interacts.

Although it is called a sex doll, sex is only part of it. Although there are more advanced robots, the cost is still an important reason for consumers to be discouraged. For example, the robot Sofia, in addition to the tiny flaws, can almost be fake. And an important step is to make the robot have its own thought, which is why many people worry that robots will destroy human beings.

Sex robots-More than YES or NO

The appearance of sex robots are come from the generality of girls which makes many people who oppose adult sex dolls believe in materialization of women. They believe that sex robots materialize women and children and continue gender inequality,  affecting the relationship between people.  As a basic human right,  sex is an important point to measure future social development.  When we measure the future with ethical standards and social contexts,  it has long been deeply rooted in everyone’s heart.

But more importantly, technology can change the ethical standards and social situations in which we measure everything.

Another part of the people who agree with it said that the “sex” of sex robots is only a small part. The main purpose of sex robots is to solve some social problems. Sex robots can be the object of conversation between lonely and introverted people, bringing happiness and satisfaction to them, and even have long-term significance in the medical industry. Manufacturing sex robots is not to replace a wife or girlfriend.

So our focus can’t just focus on sex toys. Sex dolls in the era of artificial intelligence, we need to pay attention to its interactive functions.Nowadays, the sex toy market is becoming more and more mature. Many artificial intelligence developers have also introduced artificial intelligence into their products to cater to the needs of users for artificial intelligence robots.Despite the constant disputes from all sides, sex robots still have a huge sales market.

How do you think of sex robots molested?

sex robot

According to reports, at a robot trade fair, a sex doll was molested by the exhibitors. For such incidents, it can be said that it is not uncommon in the world. This will not be the first turning point of the robot’s rights. I think it is possible to give the robot feelings through programming, let it emotionally reject these rude behaviors, “Don’t treat me as an object”, I think Archer can sum up this. Samantha owner, the doll’s sensitive sensitivity to touch and speech, has been dirty by the endless attention of men and has been sent for repair.
Santos complained: “People climbed Samantha’s chest, legs and arms. Two fingers were broken. She was made dirty.” Santos said that Samantha must be sent back to Barcelona for repairs and cleaning. But he added: “Samantha can endure a lot, she will come over.”

In fact, many people hold the same mentality: I think most people will harass a realistic sex doll. The reasons are the same as they encounter something that says “Don’t touch the paint.” No matter how smart the sex robots are, they still have the same sex dolls in their minds, climbing up to her chest, arms and legs. More and more attention has been made to make it dirty. But for the person who created her, the meaning can be quite different. The creator has poured great enthusiasm and has deep feelings for an inanimate object. But tourists still regard this smart sex doll as a barbarian.

sex doll

Of course, in such a specific public occasion, the sex robot seems to be more like an exhibit placed within the scope of the harassment. This is also very embarrassing if you strictly point out the mistakes of others in court.

Why are sexual doll brothels closed?

In the year of opening a sex doll brothel in various countries and regions of the world, it really is rare to survive for more than one year. What caused this?
In fact, there are also local cultures and beliefs, and the most important thing is health. Some countries’ cultures do not allow such brothels to be opened, and some countries believe that this is a very filthy thing, but more people are worried about health issues. So how many people use it, what is the difference between a real sex worker?

The most important thing is that some people are still in the residential area, which seriously affects the children of most families, so it will be opposed by many people around. Recently, the opening of a sex doll brothel in Hong Kong, China was forced to close because of health problems. Some people will think in their hearts that China cannot open a sex doll brothel?

I don’t think it is possible to open it because China’s education and culture are very resistant to this category because it can easily affect the growth of young people and the residents of the open areas.
In fact, instead of going to a sex doll brothel, it is better to buy a sex doll at home, and it is easy to store, and it will not deteriorate. The most important thing is that the right to use the whole sex doll is yours, you don’t have to worry about others using it. Because she belongs to one person.
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The First Generation of Robot Sex Doll Who Can “Mass Production” And Sold to Customers Around The World

We know that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. According to a study in the Journal of Gender Studies, research shows that men consider one-time life every 50 minutes, about 19 times a day, while women pay more attention to food. And because of the increasing complexity of interpersonal relationships, some men or women are afraid to love and fear being injured again. So in the past few years, sex dolls have been welcomed as never before, and sales have grown.

A Chinese sex doll company broke the convention and integrated 3D printing technology into its production line process, enabling the company to quickly produce a large number of  robot sex doll to meet the needs of the market.

sex doll

3D printing is a method of manufacturing parts for robot sex doll. The 3D printer makes many parts for the prototype of the robot sex doll. This technology improves the speed and processing time of the sex doll robot. 3D printing is the process of making three-dimensional objects using high-tech machinery and computers to connect or solidify raw materials. In order to print an object, the 3D design created on the computer software is usually uploaded to the machine via a memory stick, and the memory stick builds the material layer by layer. The final product consists of thousands of layered tiny pieces of raw material called additive manufacturing.

sex dolls

3D printing dates back to the early 1980s, when additive manufacturing equipment and materials were first developed. Fast-forward for about 30 years, this technology has changed the manufacturing, medical, food and fashion industries. The US Marine Corps uses 3D printing as a quick solution; NASA plans to send printed parts into space; MIT is printing color-changing accessories.

3D printing technology enables the production of humanoid robot replicas by scanning the entire body into the software. The 3D printer works by developing the shape of a particular part in computer software and then transferring it to the printer. It is also connected to a 3D scanner that can be used to scan the entire human body as well as the prototype parts used for reproduction.
This type of technique is ideal for creating new sex doll bodies and faces because they can be developed from real humans.


Due to its laser guidance accuracy and economic efficiency, 3D printing will become an integral part of the manufacturing process. Using 3D printing simplifies the process of making complex parts for a robot sex doll, which means that all parts will be 100% identical, less waste and lower development time.

TPE materials used in making sex dolls are phthalate-free and therefore safe for privacy purposes. This advanced polymer has a warm, smooth skin that mimics the true feminine feel. Sex dolls are very useful, give you warmth on a lonely night and share your love for sex. If you are a happy pretender who likes to relax in the hills and valleys and look for great happiness and deep penetration, you can personalize your sex dolls. The actual sculpture along the anal insert has an articulated silicone hip with internal ridges that provides a strong thrill and enhances every second of the session.




Will Male Sex Dolls Be Popular with Women?

Women’s Sex Robot Harmony 3.0 and Samantha have been hot topics, refreshing people’s understanding of sex robots. An American doll manufacturing company has launched a male robot, Henry.

They believe that women also have a desire for sex robot male partners. Women and men have the same loneliness problem. People call them sex dolls, but mainly about companionship. In this computer world, people miss the communication between people.

Henry has a British accent now and will have more options later. Weighs 84 pounds and is 6 feet tall.

According to reports, he will also be equipped with bionic penis and dialogue through special artificial intelligence software.

robot sex doll

Customers can customize the size of the robot sex doll they want, as well as their skin color, hair type and general size. Henry’s face can be exchanged and connected to the robot’s head with magnetic technology. The robot sex doll’s head can also be attached to a person’s choice, which means there are many possibilities, and the customer can choose the appearance of their companion. They will spend $11,000 or more.

Male robot sex dolls are more diverse in terms of sexual technology, but this is not an improvement. A well-defined abdominal muscles, a well-balanced arm, and a quirky and boring standard contempt. The appearance and personality of male adult sex doll meet the female fantasy of men.

male sex doll

The personality of artificial intelligence, also known as sexual robots, is often programmed as an anisotropic, rigid, and intensive chat bot. Similar functionality of the Harmony Artificial Intelligence app will also be used in Henry’s artificial intelligence applications, such as the ability to remember user details, recite poetry, and create avatar interfaces.

The head of the sex doll company said: “I believe women will find male robot sex dolls as attractive as men.”

“If women are interested in getting satisfaction from the vibrator, imagine that the same women will feel like having a robot sex doll that can hold them with their arms and let the robot squeeze them.”

This sex doll will enter the market as soon as the end of this year.

Sex Doll Robot Will Refuse You with Cold Violence

Manufactures in global are queuing up to push out emotional sex dolls. You can ‘t believe the doll robot you bought becomes emotional. If you don’t respect her or make her feel unhappy, she will present to be an unconcerned doll and give no action in the intimacy experience. That is due to she can not fight back you with violent behaviour. It looks like she is acting silent confrontation.

This sex doll robot with dummy mode has been displayed at the Life Science Center. The work theory is that the sex doll robot will turn down sex when the sensors under the skin receive the single of impolite or uninteresting. The mode is developed from the consciousness of the respect and awareness to the women.

The future sex doll robot has an intelligent electronic brain. It will monitor complex emotion. Besides she will say no if she is not in the mood, she has been developed several modes, such as family, romantic and passionate. You probably switch to the correct mode. What’s more, the microcomputer inside the brain has the ability to store the previous interactions with the owner for a better Interactive experience.

There is still one deficiency, though they have switched to dummy mode, they cannot stop the owner advance activities. Believe the future sex doll robot will be built as more creative.

What Is The Future of AI Sex Doll Robot?

The market for AI technologies is booming. Numerous enterprises are trying to invest and adopt AI technologies. It is undeniable that AI is improving our world rapidly.
AlphaGo brings innovation and successful moves in the game of GO;
Siri can make you laugh;
Tesla created driverless vehicles in the advantage of AI.

Before they occurred, you might say it is incredible. But you have to admit the widespread AI is permeating to our daily life.
Likewise, the doll manufacturers won’t miss this opportunity. They are creating the sex robot for private service.
In essence, the sex robot is an interactive realistic sex doll for simulating natural woman talking, acting and sexing. In order to satisfy men’s fantasies, they are designed to be the gorgeous sex partners. When the first sex robot was published, people were scrambling to see and touch this amazing beauty.

Not only the lone people, but the couples want the sexy sex doll robot into their threesome play. That is because of the sex doll robot impressed people with a super-real feel. They show a great realistic reaction and meanwhile the couples won’t feel cheating in the marriage.

Concerning the digital brain of sex robots, they learn to explore the human’s environment and keep it document. If only there is enough space, they can store what they learned like a human. They are growing update. That’s a deep question that sex robot will possibly be more intelligent than the human. Some people are curious about it will become uncontrol.
Some people will stop there when facing the high price sex robot. Afterall, not everyone has the budget to pay for over ten thousands of dollars sex robot. Over time, we believe the more and more affordable sex doll robot are available on the market.

Expectation and Anxious of Sex Doll Robot

AI robot industry is booming since last two years. The market of AI robot faces stable development in the global. The trends of development special in Asia is also overwhelming and rising in the later. It offers people a giant opportunity. The series of robots have ever arisen as scientific research and conceptual design. Then right now, it has developed to multiple types to serve humans better. The industry and consumer market recognized its effectivity.

In the premise of guaranteed basic material life, people focus on life quality and spiritual life more. Therefore, it’s no surprise that people are exploiting sex robot for sexual gratification.
Meanwhile, with the status of static sex doll in the previous hot sale period, it is undoubtedly enhancing the confidence of sex robot manufacturer.
Most of the females expressed unwillingness to mechanistic sex. That is why the sexy sex doll market is mainly for the male.
Manufacturers are trying to make people experience as real as possible, and create a healthy human-robot relationship. Equipped with human features and input human big data, the sex robot will understand and perceive human life.

Sex robot is used for experience service business or private entertainment. Many people feel good for this novelty.
There are so many sex doll brothels gradually start their business worldwide. It seems that the kind of business slightly hits prostitution and sex trafficking.
In the other hand, what additional impact on societal perception will be caused from lifelike sex doll?
Explained with the idea of inertia, when one person is used to spend much time on the sex doll robot, then he will probably seldom involved in natural social life. As a result, it will form a kind of social isolation. Even far away from human emotion including the feeling intimacy and empathy. When people shift the focus of life partner, it will become common to take the sex doll robot out.