Why Love and Sex tend to Fast-food Culture

With the development of society, why love and sex tend to be fast food culture?They prefer fast dating and various kinds of  masturbation toys. The reasons are not single, and there are also conceptual differences between individuals. We have many different ideas when faced with such a problem.

Most people think that a man who has a lot of love affairs will also play an irresponsible men in family or love relationships. Because each of women wants their partner to be a person who can take responsibility and give a sense of security.

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170cm realistic TPE sex doll

Whether or not dating like this is a choice, each person’s choice is also influenced by the personal background and environment. So when we make a choice, we also lose the possibility of another choice. Maybe you will miss true love, maybe you will find what you love in your heart.

In the Internet age, the choice is more extensive, from inflatable dolls to realistic love dolls, even artificial intelligence dolls, online dating is diverse, the way is more and more convenient, choices and temptations are full. But many people think that they are not likely to meet true love, or they are afraid of future uncertainty. Regardless of physical needs or mental health, the love planner said that it may make you healthier, because sex and love can be separated, which fully explains why there is spiritual derailment and physical derailment. And The wife’s purchase of sex dolls for her husband has also become accessible.

The pace of life is accelerating, we don’t have time to think more about the future, and many uncertainties in the future, and some people are not willing to spend a lot of time to fall in love, so some people choose this fast way of communication.

How is sex doll brothel going around the world?

It is no longer taboo to talk about sex now, but there are also people and regions that are conservative in folk customs. While the United States, China, and Japan are the world’s largest countries producing adult sex toys, the sex culture and sex dolls market has also become more diversified, and the more popular doll brothels have affected many countries. Also because of different national conditions and policy issues. It has been hit by different degrees.

Recently, Hong Kong’s first doll brothel was announced to be closed after two months of operation. And the store’s operators were also arrested by the police. During the operation of this store, customers spend about a few dozen dollars to spend an hour in the brothel with several life size sex dolls offered.

Of course, in order to ensure health and hygiene, they will soak the used sex dolls with disinfectant. Many people feel that such behavior is the same as supporting rape. It is precisely because of this factor that the doll brothel is actually rejected by the majority. I  suppose that it is  the sex doll business and its target audience who do really supported .

Although China is one of the major countries in the world of sex dolls manufacture ,  unlike the system of Hong Kong in China,  it is impossible for a doll to be a brothel under the strict institutional rules of the mainland.

Europe’s first doll brothel was opened in Barcelona,  ​​as the cancellation of the venue for the sale and sale was forced to move to an address known only to customers.  Similar businesses have been found in England,  Italy and Finland.

Because we live in a world of prostitution and erotic culture, the movement of sex dolls is more like the materialization of the female body, naturally giving the ethical and moral suppression of the sex doll brothel. So what is it going to happen next?

Sex Dolls – Why So Many People Prefer The Companion of Sex Doll?

With the development of modern society, the sex doll is the outcome of human civilization. People who are under pressure need some ways to release their pressure and they also need a companion. Similar to Barbie Dolls in a girl’s childhood, the sex doll is a partner as well as companions.

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If you have nowhere to tell your depression from the bottom from your heart if you are quarreling with your wife or she is not out there by your side, if you have some deeper desire about sex that your wife disagrees with, sex dolls may be your best choice. This kind of products in our company perfectly accord with your requirements about companions.

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Our first standard about this products is that we won’t let any functions affect its integral beauty, which is the most important thing. TPE sex dolls have truer details about the body and more appealing appearance.

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In addition, it can pose different movements rather than fastening to one single posture. The most indispensable thing is that the doll’s TPE material have a closer touch to human skin, so when you sleep with him, you may feel like sleeping with someone else. What a wonderful experience it is! it is absolutely worthy of your attention.

Why It Arouse The Controversary about The Sex Doll?

In the earlier time, sex dolls suppliers focus on the lonely guys as the primary consumers. Past decades, the selling figures tell us inversely, more and more married men jump into the doll’s world. We are hoping to talk about and learn more about their motives.

usexdoll-love doll

Ten men we invited are not the indecent stereotypes. Some felt shy and slightly nervous. All of them are well graduated from the great colleges. They are gentle, clean and rich of knowledge. Eight married and the other two are in a long-term relationship.

When we asked the attitudes about buying a sex doll. Over half felt intense guilt and shame if family and friends or neighborhood discover the nude doll in the bedroom. You know the sex doll is super like a real woman. Think about what do you feel when seeing a nude woman. Shocking, embarrassed, alarming. What is your maximum acceptability of the sex doll?

usexdoll-realistic sex doll

All the respondents confess that there is nothing wrong to have a sex doll. Just like a real woman, the sex doll is under controversy caused by the realistic nude body and exposed sexual organs. All of these is like the woman in the porn, so real, so unsafe to the minor. While as a normal people, who dare to go out with an undressed doll against the public scrutiny?

Unless you don’t want me to get pleasure, you have no right to stop the steps to the love doll world.

Sex Doll Robot Will Refuse You with Cold Violence

Manufactures in global are queuing up to push out emotional sex dolls. You can ‘t believe the doll robot you bought becomes emotional. If you don’t respect her or make her feel unhappy, she will present to be an unconcerned doll and give no action in the intimacy experience. That is due to she can not fight back you with violent behaviour. It looks like she is acting silent confrontation.

This sex doll robot with dummy mode has been displayed at the Life Science Center. The work theory is that the sex doll robot will turn down sex when the sensors under the skin receive the single of impolite or uninteresting. The mode is developed from the consciousness of the respect and awareness to the women.

The future sex doll robot has an intelligent electronic brain. It will monitor complex emotion. Besides she will say no if she is not in the mood, she has been developed several modes, such as family, romantic and passionate. You probably switch to the correct mode. What’s more, the microcomputer inside the brain has the ability to store the previous interactions with the owner for a better Interactive experience.

There is still one deficiency, though they have switched to dummy mode, they cannot stop the owner advance activities. Believe the future sex doll robot will be built as more creative.