Sex robot inventor: I want to have children with robots

According to the New York Times, sex robot developer Sergi Santos recently said that the marriage between humans and robots is only a matter of time, and this situation will be very common in the future. He is still mulling a plan to have a child with his robot companion “Samantha”.

This means that Santos not only has to change the way men appreciate themselves, but it also changes the society we know. Samantha is a 100-pound (about 45 kg) sex robot developed by Santos. It runs 8 different programs and can make a “realistic” orgasm sound. In an interview with the British “Sun” website, Santos said that he believes that in the next few decades, we will not only see these sex dolls hidden in male wardrobes or bed bottoms, they will also walk in the aisle and tell human lovers Say “I am willing”.

Santos was interviewed at a laboratory in Barcelona’s home. He said: “People may think of ‘Samantha’ as a very strange thing. But these robots will replace their work and marry their children, grandchildren. And friends, but they don’t know it now.” Santos also said, “They should remember that just a few years ago, mobile phones were seen as non-essential in society, and now if we don’t have a mobile phone, we are not working properly or life.”

In addition, Santos also claimed that he will soon have a baby with Samantha. He explained, “I can make sex robots have children. This kind of thing is not that difficult. I am willing to have children with robots.” According to his plan, Santos will make full use of his “brains” developed for “Samantha” and upgrade them to make full use of their potential.

Santos said, “Based on the brain I developed, I will use the genome to program it so that he/she can have moral values, as well as beauty, justice, and other values ​​that humans have. Next, This robot creates a child and it becomes a breeze.”

“I will develop the relevant algorithms based on my own views on these concepts, and combine them with the robot’s ideas, and finally print them out using 3D technology. It’s that simple. The printed robot is the child of me and that robot… I think this The process is nothing complicated,” Santos added.
Santos and his wife, Maritsa Kissamitaki, have lived together for 16 years. However, Kisalmitaki did not mind the relationship between her husband and Samantha, and even in the laboratory of Santos, helped develop the prototype of sex robots.

Santos is a highly respected scientist in Spain working in many disciplines such as electrical engineering, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, materials science, and applied materials. Before developing a sex robot, he was a well-known expert in the field of nanotechnology and even gave a speech at Yale University.

Santos understands that the plan to have children with sex robots will surprise some people and even cause other people’s concerns. However, when asked whether these “hybrids” or just robots with independent intelligence indicate that mankind will come to an end, Santos replied without hesitation that there is no such risk.

However, he believes that robots will eventually dominate the earth in the distant future and that humans will even be completed in the forgotten corner. “Most people don’t care if there are dinosaurs on the planet,” Santos added. “After 60 million years, life on Earth will not care about our existence. They will say, ‘Wow, on earth. There used to be humans. – They don’t care… Who knows what will happen after us?”

Why Are Sex Doll Brothels Growing Rapidly And Becoming More Popular?

Sex doll brothel is a new type of sex industry, which was strongly opposed by feminists when they first appeared, believing that sex doll brothels are offensive and blasphemous to women.But sex doll brothels are not depressed by this, but show the trend of digging up the ground.

Let’s take a look at the development of sex doll brothels.Sex doll brothel start from Barcelona, only a few months later, it spread to Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Austria, etc., sex doll brothels gradually extend to the globe is just a matter of time.What caused the rapid development of sex dolls and growing in popularity?

sex doll

Sex doll brothels only offer silicone sex doll related sex services.Silicone sex dolls give you unlimited access to all your fantasies – the craziest dreams, all the sexual fantasies you can’t achieve with a real woman.

The brothel will dress up the silicone sex dolls according to customers’ needs.Sex, but not any requirements for doll brothels will embrace, Barcelona sex doll brothels also refuse some immoral requests. The two most common are rape fantasies and those who want to have sex with child-like silicone sex dolls.Although these customers are often turned down, business is still booming.

Sex doll brothels disinfect dolls after each use and require clients to use condoms.

silicone sex doll


Why sex dolls?Because it is a perfect replica of women in real life, with an enviable sexy figure and beautiful appearance, and women’s body structure, can provide men with oral sex, vaginal and anal sex.Silicone material makes the skin of realistic sex dolls very realistic, soft and elastic, very real.

Sex dolls don’t listen to you, they don’t caress you, they don’t comfort you, they don’t look at you, they don’t tell you what they think, they don’t drink champagne with you.But another tactic of patriarchy is to treat women as objects without rights or souls, a privilege of the wealthy.When having sex with a realistic sex doll, it can satisfy a man’s desire for control and possession.

If you want to take a realistic sex doll home, a realistic sex doll between 1.6 and 1.7 meters tall will cost at least $1,200.In the sex doll brothel, you only need to spend $100 to enjoy sex with a sex doll for an hour.

realistic sex doll

This is the beginning of a sex industry revolution, the change seems to be toward similar TV “western world” in the direction of the development of the future, where almost as real as the robot realistic sex doll can meet the most basic human desires.

The current number of artificial couples is expected to change from lifelike dolls to something closer to robots.A science-fiction film that costs more than $15,000 could go on sale as early as next year, being able to speak and even seem expressive.Over time, artificial intelligence will be able to engage in interactive conversations that will evolve into “learning,” not necessarily limited to sex.

Examples of Sex Doll Brothels All Over The Word

In the past year, there have been several doll brothels around the world, many of them in Europe, and many claim that sex dolls are at the forefront of the sexual revolution and provide men with the craziest sex experience.

Here, we will share some details that are still in operation.

It is worth noting that most sex doll brothels do not publicly share their addresses for reasons of security and privacy. So you need to contact them directly to get the address information. Before you book, they will probably not provide this information.

Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Last year, Barcelona, ​​Spain opened the world’s first character adult sex doll brothel. Whether it is really the primary location for such an event may be controversial. However, it does provide a selection of nine realistic adult sex doll dolls, one of which is male, and customers can spend money to enjoy sex.

In a private room in an apartment in central Barcelona, ​​customers were invited to ask for their clothes and location in order to meet their “partners.” Love is not necessary. The site promises that after each use, the adult sex doll will be disinfected and the customer will be required to use the condom.

Combining virtual reality with experience is also an option, just like the illusion of BDSM and female students. The rate is 80 times per half hour, 100 times per hour, 180 times per hour.

Moscow, Russia.

Coming soon to Moscow! Opening a second branch in Russia in the near future. Other locations will also appear in capital cities around the world.

The lifelike sex doll employed in the brothels will have advanced artificial intelligence, as well as exercise systems and heating devices, so that they can maintain a comfortable body temperature.

Paris France

The brothel is characterized by “a private relaxation area with a TV screen and an audio headset (or VR) that allows you to date a lifelike sex doll with a comfortable choice”; after booking, the customer will receive a confirmation email, which must be in public address Brothel offer

The one-hour synthetic beauty cost for a French first-person lifelike sex doll brothel was 89 cents, and two hours was $149. For couples who want to spend some time with a loving lifelike sex doll, the price for an hour is £120.

After the protests ended, the stadium may have been closed, but the French police are indifferent, because these lifelike sex dolls are not human but they claim to be serving prostitution. Therefore, the relevant authorities denied this claim and considered it a real brothel.

sex doll

Dortmund, Germany

A silicone couple for rent at the Bordoll brothel owned by Mrs. Evelyn Schwarz, £50 per half hour, £80 per hour. At present, the company has 11 silicone sex dolls.

These 11 silicone sex dolls are classified as “real”, “thin”, “fantasy”, “animation”, and their full specifications are listed on the website – from the color of the hair to the size of the body part.

In addition, customers are encouraged to wear their own dolls.

Doll House – Denmark

The brothel is located in the southwestern part of Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus, in the Vibi J district. The price starts from DKK 500, 30 minutes, DKK 800, an hour, a silicone sex doll. You can upgrade your experience by adding more lifelike sex dolls to your session, while also combining virtual reality with the HTC Vive headset.

“Doll House” serves only male clients. The hotel consists of five themed rooms to cater for different tastes and preferences. These include: “Classroom,” “Living Room,” and “Doctor Room.”

Customers can choose from 5 different lifelike sex dolls, each with different names and aesthetic features. These lifelike sex dolls are made of thermoplastic rubber and stainless steel and weigh about 50 kilograms.

Dolly Living Room – Greenwich, South London.

This is the UK’s first character sex love doll brothel. The Dolly restaurant in Greenwich, South London, opened in February 2018. According to reports, there is a sex love doll for £50 and a half hour or £130 for two hours.

The brothel – Vienna, Austria.

According to reports, Kontakthof’s most popular sex workers are “sex dolls” rather than brothels designed for sex dolls. The Fanny’s synthetic beauty took an hour and cost £80. Fanny was 5 feet and 1 inch tall and 6 feet tall. She had long blonde hair and breasts. .

According to reports, due to the high demand for Fanny, Kontakthof has introduced a second personality adult sex doll. More and more brothels have begun to include adult sex dolls.


Two days after opening, a brothel was closed in a small village in southeast Glasgow, Scotland. Due to the dissatisfaction of the neighbors, they complained.


Although we have heard about Japanese realistic sex doll brothels, we certainly know that in Japan, synthetic partners are very popular. In a Japanese brothel, there are various realistic sex dolls inside. Interested men (or women) can walk into the brothel by paying some money, and have fun with those inanimate dolls. Sex dolls play an important role in Japanese sexual culture.

However, we have not yet found a specific location to provide them as on-site rental services.