How does your doll bring you happiness?

To be honest, the evolution of sex dolls is actually a long process, from the initial inflatable dolls or blasting dolls to silicone dolls to the current sex doll robots. This process has also made some people, of course, satisfying most people.
From the previous no function to all the ideas that satisfy you now, this is indeed a qualitative leap. Now you can have your doll sit in a chair or stand up or bend over.

The doll skeleton is its frame. Without it, the doll will be very fragile. The skeleton can give your doll a variety of postures, and even a posture for a long time will not be sore or hurt.

The skeleton of the doll is almost made of durable metal. As long as you move the joint according to the instructions, it will hardly damage the skeleton of the doll. In this case, the doll can be kept for several years.
So here are some suggestions for you:
1. Move your doll carefully
Because of the doll with the skeleton, you will find that it is really heavy. The doll looks like a real person, this is to give you a realistic experience.
How to move your doll? As long as you use her as a real person to move the joints, as long as it does not violate the flexibility of the real person, the skeleton is generally not damaged.
2. Store your doll as expected
If you don’t use it, you must store it well. You can’t bend it like you are using it, which will cause her to warp. If you use it for a long time, you should also consider adjusting the position of the doll to prevent wear.
At last:
We are ulovesexdoll dolls to more fully extract these advantages.

How to Take Care of Sex Doll?

Recently, you’ll be able to notice a variety of love sex doll that appears as if real women. And the men like having sex with the sex doll. This is usually a not bad way to get pleasure in your life. However, if you fail to care for the realistic sex doll, then a series problem will happen. Below are the main tips you should know in case of unnecessary troubles.

Cleaning: Playing with realistic sex dolls would make you fun. However, You had to clean it totally afterward. When you clean it, you can use some specific kind of cleaning agents. or you can use antibacterial soap and warm water. It’ll help to clean well.

Storage: Some men will make use of sex toy for pleasure, and they put it any place after each usage so that they can catch it easily next time. While you ought to arrange a proper way to store it. Otherwise, it is easy to gathering dust and bacteria.

Important guide: if you have no idea how to play with the sex doll, you can take advantage of the internet to see other life like sex doll owner’s experience. Otherwise, you will lost much more joy if you are not sure what you are going to and what you want. Join some related forums and community, you can get the way easily. You might find the answer you asked on without any effort.

Usage: TPE sex doll is not fragile like as the porcelain doll. You don’t need to keep over safety conscious anytime. Once get it on, you’ll be able to get all the ideas and tricks for use it. There are so many ideas and advice online that can assist you to have a pleasant time.