Why is it now prohibited to sell children’s dolls?

Didn’t you find the height below 140 cm in Amazon and AliExpress?
Like the Japanese doll company, which claims to make children’s sex dolls specifically to reduce the rate of injury to children, this view has quickly been questioned by many netizens because they believe that this will increase the rate of child victimization.

For example, many countries prohibit importing small dolls, such as Canada, Japan, and some Middle Eastern countries. Some even bought the children’s dolls not only for a seizure but also for the purchasers to arrest them. Some people bought the children’s dolls and were caught by the police. A survey found that the person was seriously pedophile and covered many children at home. Photo of the private office. But it cannot be said that the people who buy children’s sex dolls are all pedophiles.

Some people want to store better because they are smaller and easier to hide.
What is your opinion?

Do you know sex dolls?

Speaking of sex dolls, many people think very much about ‘sexuality’. There are some erotic things in their minds, but are sex dolls only used to vent their sexual desire?

Want to understand the sex doll first from the quality, now the best material is TPE, this material restores human skin, this material does not hurt people, unlike the inferior glue, but also worry about the damage factor.

The second is the advantages of sex dolls, such as you can be your spiritual sustenance if you lose your other half in an accident, then the sex doll is no better.

When the sex doll brothel was opened, someone was extremely opposed. Who is it? That is sex workers because they worry that they will not have the opportunity to earn money. But sex dolls, you never worry about whether you will get a sexually transmitted disease, whether it will endanger your life. To be honest, there are advantages and disadvantages to opening a sex doll brothel. The advantage is that the contradiction between a family or a partner can satisfy one’s sexual desire to a certain extent because it can’t be satisfied in the other half. The downside is that local culture is not allowed to open because it is more concealed; there is also a relatively expensive consumption. It is enough to buy a sex doll several times, and it is difficult for you to ensure that they are cleaned and disinfected. There is no difference between sex workers.

So even if you are willing to go to a sex doll brothel, you might as well buy one yourself. If you are afraid that others will find your sex doll, you can buy a smaller doll for storage. You are worried that the courier knows what you are buying. You don’t have to worry about these, because we will keep you secret throughout the process, and everyone will not know what you have purchased.

Having said that, do you have your own favorite sex doll?

Will you agree to your child’s use of adult products?

If you find that your child secretly uses adult products, what kind of reaction would you be?
There is a parent who rarely talks to her children about this aspect of knowledge because she always thinks that her child is still small and feels that it is unnecessary to talk about it. These factors are all due to the fact that I have given myself to my parents. Education, so she gave this education to her children.
When she accidentally discovered that her daughter was using sex toys, she was flustered and told her how to tell her daughter. Every time she took her daughter out of the room, she secretly found out that her daughter used a sex toy to throw it away, but soon this matter was discovered by her daughter. She didn’t know how to explain it. She wanted to scold her and didn’t know how to export it. Because this is a very embarrassing thing.
In fact, I believe that as long as your child is an adult, it is nothing to use, because sex education still has to be taught.

Removable Vagina Sex Doll or Fixed Vaginal Sex Dolls,Which Doll Do You Prefer?

There are many different options about height, cup, skin color, price, and vaginal when you browse the sex doll website. Among these options, the choice of vaginal type is the most difficult to choose.Customers who don’t know much about sex dolls may not be able to tell the difference.

Removable Vagina Sex Doll

Removable vagina sex doll, and the difference between fixed vaginal sex dolls, removable vagina sex doll, Vagina can be removed, and the fixed vaginal sex doll’s vaginal is fixed in the sex dolls, unable to move out. The detachable design of the vagina makes the removable ragina adult sex doll easier to clean.When you’re done, you take it out and go into the bathroom and turn it over and wash it in the sink.Then dry with a towel and flip it over the way it does.I recommend removing the plug-in from the adult sex doll when not in use.When you’re about to have sex, it’s best to use a water-based lubricant on the outside of the insert and slide into it.

The diameter of the insert is very large to ensure that once placed in your adult sex doll it is safe to not pull out during use.The outside of the insert is smooth and helps to insert/remove, and the inside of the vaginal canal is tight and textured to meet your needs.We strongly recommend that you use a replaceable vagina to ensure your comfort and hygiene.

fixed Vagina Sex  doll

Women in life are a whole, and it is impossible to remove a woman’s vagina.Therefore, the fixed vaginal adult sex doll will be more realistic, beautiful and can bring you a very real sexual experience.

No matter what kind of adult sex doll you will choose, I will not say anything bad, please according to your own needs, as long as it is right for you is the best.