History, Funny Facts and Legends about Sex Doll- Sexual History Tour

Modern age

Starting from the US allowing the sale of sex toys, sex dolls at that time were only inflatable dolls, and the use at that time was not limited to sex, they were more likely to be used as a prank or entertainment tool during the party, just like the Russian inflatable doll swimming game. After all, inflatable dolls are hard to bear the weight of a person, and the frequency of frequent use.

qioux sex doll

The modern life-like sex dolls originated from the mannequins of surrealist artists. Dali has a picture showing a semi-naked.The woman model is covered with snails, while the other Man Ray is not limited to pouring eroticism into the work.

Female buyer Barbara
From the beginning of only male buyers to the emergence of female buyers, the prejudice of sexual dolls in people’s minds is gradually narrowing. Barbara and her husband used to have four realistic sex dolls. Although she is mainly used for photography, she does not object to the actual use of these dolls.

Matt Mark Mullen Developed Silicone Dolls
The most artist, he developed a high-simulation silicone female sex doll and shared the production method, but this still failure to truly meet the sexual needs of men. It was not until they personally broadcast the process that they let the public completely open their minds.

Mechanized warfare ages

Hitler was also a supporter of inflatable love dolls, designed to inflate the soldiers’ sexual needs during World War II.Dolls. Although it was claimed at the time to prevent German soldiers from having a relationship with non-Aryan women. Whether this is true or not,But the commercialization of inflatable dolls also really originated in Germany.

The earlier plastic love doll was born in Germany. Her name is Lily. She is not only a male fantasy fan, but also a source of inspiration for the girl’s childhood Barbie doll. Her image is a sexy cartoon character, which is called the imitation of eroticism by the author of The History of Sexual Dolls.

Middle Ages

In the sailor’s mind, the meaning of using adult sex doll is more intuitive, and it is more appropriate to say that female substitutes are substitutes for sexual organs. After all, such an environment at sea is more likely to make the essence of sex more vivid.

Myths and legends

Pygmalion: suggestion
The story tells of a sculptor who fell in love with a beautiful marble girl who carved herself. And treat it like a wife, and pray that she becomes her wife every day, and eventually Eros is impressed to give it life and make them a couple. This has also become a source of inspiration for many later works. Similar stories of the plots include Pinocchio, Frankenstein, and My Fairy, all reflecting the meaning of real dolls.

Russia’s first sex machine hotel has opened

Russia’s first sex doll hotel opened, welcome to experience.

According to the sun, the unique hotel in Moscow’s business district costs between 17.75 and 29.5 pounds an hour for a room. The total price will rise to 60 pounds an hour, plus the use of sex dolls, and even includes anti-eavesdropping services.

Dmitry Alexandrov, the hotel’s founder, says he set up the particular hotel to help people in need.

“Statistics show that 36 percent of Russians are dissatisfied with their sex life.
Establishing such a comprehensive adult leisure center in Russia can not only improve your sex life safely and legally but also combat one of Russia’s oldest problems — the violent exploitation of women for prostitution.

It also helps that people with mental disorders, such as in Spain, 30 percent of users of sex dolls have psychological or physical problems.

“Some men fail to improve their relationships with women, leading to underlying dissatisfaction that can evolve into aggressive and aggressive sexual behavior,” Alexandrov said.

The problem needs to be solved by a professional ‘call girl’ who can turn his sexual fantasies into reality.

He also stressed that after each customer USES the dolls, they will be thoroughly disinfected according to international standards to ensure there is no risk of infection.

The hotel divides these sex dolls into two categories, one is the independent royal elder sister type, and the other is the gentle and shy lovely type, and has given each sex doll a name, such as a lolita, Sasha, Natasha, Alice, more accessible and so on.

Dennis, a local Russian customer, said after using the doll, “these sex robots are very lifelike, I never thought they would be like this.”

Another user, Maksim, said: ‘it’s great that we now have a place to go, a place where we can have new experiences and not feel guilty about losing fidelity to our partner.
I love everything here, a polite receptionist, a great modern room, and of course a great sex doll.

Would you go to Russia for a try?

All The Things of The Sex Doll You Are Interested in (Part 2)

The grown women will get different development in body feature at puberty. Whatever in size or shape, their chest seems unique in this world. Before molding the female sex doll, the designer picked up some typical breasts, which are recognized by the public.

In real life, the flat-chested women can be found everywhere. The chest is slightly bulging up without any obvious breast tissue. But it has a pair of the lively nipple. If you saw the nude sex doll, you will find the chest is totally made based on the real and natural woman.

Thanks to the TPE materials character, it has been achieved that the molding sex doll was covered by the soft and flexible lifelike flesh finally. When we focus on the big breast, it has surprising touch feel. If you want to shake the body, the big breast will be moving because of the inertance. It is extremely fantastic, right?

From the durability, it seems the flat-chested sex doll has the longer life than the big breast ones. The smaller chest the doll has, the less gravity it suffers. While both of them looks great, no matter big or small.

Then which type do you prefer, you are welcome to leave your comments.

To be continued……

Do Sex Dolls Improve or Destroy Your Sexual Life?

Sex dolls are made from a variety of materials that determine their price.Some sex doll owners collect them, give them their names, and get used to living with them.Some men admit that they have fallen in love with their possessions, even if they cannot function as normal people.But is it really possible for a man to fall in love with a realistic sex doll?
Because of their lifelike size and natural appearance, it’s easy to say that Eva can be the perfect companion.Sex dolls are easy to fall in love with. They have sexy bodies, plus their clothes and hair.Their faces can be created according to your wishes, or they can be small or heavy.Many men admit that they like real-life realistic sex doll just as much as they like humans.This makes sense, especially if you visit a BBS site and read the people’s posts.They even tell their stories to people they interact with.

sex doll
A master is very honest about his relationship to the real adult doll.He bought it a few years ago, and it has been a common sight in his family ever since. He sits on the sofa or table and lies in bed.The realistic sex doll was his only companion, and his friends knew her;He was not worried about what they thought of him behind his back.All he knew was that he was happy with his sex life.
Another man suffered a painful divorce when his only child grew up.Because of loneliness, he chose a silicone sex doll, which gave him happiness and enjoyment.When he found his daughter again, he thought of a silicone sex doll that looked like her, because the child preferred her mother to him.He is eagerly awaiting the birth of a second silicone sex doll.And there his life shall be ended, for he shall have two lovers of his life in his house.

sex doll
Many people use a silicone sex doll to tell their love story online.Of course, they want to be unknown because living with adult silicone sex dolls is not entirely acceptable to our society.The last thing they want to do is deal with the negative reactions of others.Most of these men have lost their loved ones to a disease, an accident or even legal separation, and they are happy that sex has been invented.They become happy and their loneliness is eliminated.
If a mature silicone sex doll can give you anything you want from a woman, be sure to get a mature silicone sex doll.

Top 5 Lovely Short-Hair Realistic Sex Dolls for Man

At present, in the sex doll market, most sex dolls are long-haired. It’s naturally boring to have a long hair sex doll for a long time.However, short-hair sex dolls are another kind of feeling. They are cute, pure, and can also be very sexy.

1. Kate -156cm Silicone Sex Doll

Silicone Sex Doll

Kate’s hair is really eye-catching, a typical explosion. However, Kate’s impression is like a lovely younger sister next door. The pale yellow short hair is accompanied by slight curls, giving off a lovely face. A pair of eye-catching blue deep eyes, like a blue ocean, my whole body is about to sink in this ocean. She is always naughty, sometimes sexy, and constantly challenges your patience.

2. Cherry -145cm Sex Love Doll

Sex Love Doll
Cherry’s short hair is black straight hair. Her expression is always very cool, and her fair skin is always an attractive look. Originally thought that she would be a quiet sex doll, but in fact, she is very fond of sexual dress, even wearing simple, it can not conceal her inner sexy. Do you like this sexy silicone sex doll?

3. Daisy-155cm Silicone Sex Doll

Silicone Sex Doll
Daisy’s short hair is yellow, with the tail slightly inward, cute and mature, and sexy during maturity. The chest of the sex doll is sexy, soft and tall and straight, which makes people think about it and what kind of feeling it feels. Exquisite facial features, sexy figure, all this is very perfect. Bringing her home as her partner is not a bad decision.

4. Emma-140cm Silicone Full Entity Doll

Sex doll
Emma has a very handsome short hair, yellow short hair, showing a true and capable temperament. Sometimes she mistakenly thinks she is a “fake kid” and haha. F cup breast is her pride, soft and elastic. The height of 140cm means that her weight will be lighter than the body of the realistic sex doll above, so it will be more labor-saving when she moves her.

5. Carry -165cm Sex Love Doll

Sex Love Doll

Carry’s short hair is very cute, like a college student, very pure and lovely. She never showed off her sexy and perfect body, because even if she wore clothes, she could never wrap her sexy. Huge breasts, beautiful and lovely face attracted many men’s attention. Bringing this realistic sex doll home is very cost-effective.

Top 5 Red Hair Sex Dolls from Xosexdoll.com

Red is always very attractive and has a strong visual impact in life.People who like red will be labeled as firm, strong, enthusiastic and bold, energetic and individual.If it’s a red-haired sex doll that’s so solitary, here are five of XOSEXDOLL.com red-haired sex dolls.

1. Allison-140cm Tan Skin Sex Doll

sex doll love doll
A very romantic and eye-catching long red curly hair, reached the waist, from behind to appreciate, very charming, people linger over.Impressive than her hair, and sexy figure, Allison very sleek large breasts, charming waist, the lifelike sex doll is many men dream want to be the goddess of the type.

2. Zoey-148cm Silicone Lifelike Sex Doll

sex doll for man lifelike sex doll
This lifelike sex doll loves sports very much, Zoey wearing sports clothes will be in good shape completely exposed, and her long red hair is more to show her bold and unrestrained character.Slender legs and erect breasts attract attention.Do you want to take a sex doll home?

3. Sam-158cm Silicone Sex Angel Doll

adult sex doll tpe sex doll
This adult sex doll is a quiet and strong girl, even wearing a bikini is very cute, not sexy.Her skin was of the skin color, and she looked very white against her red hair.Like color of skin of men consider the sex dolls, her home, do whatever you fantasized about sex, your sex life was without any limitation, in addition to your imagination.

4. Qearl -165cm Silicone Adult Sex Doll

realistic sex doll female sex doll
Qearl’s carbon-gray skin sets off a healthy body.Blue sexy tight underwear perfectly reflects her beautiful figure.Her red hair made her energetic and full of life.Adult sex dolls with women in real life the same physical structure, can bring you vaginal delivery, oral sex, anal sex experience, and with heating function, to simulate the human body temperature, bring you the most true sexual stimulation.

5. Hedy 140 CM Silicone Love Doll

silicone sex doll love doll
Hedy has a very beautiful face, beautiful and lovely.The huge breast lets a person fondle admiringly, cannot help but the impulse of the heart, want to touch the soft breast of Hedy.Her red hair was dark red, reflecting her character of being lively and calm, bold and mature.It’s a wise decision to turn a sex doll into a lifelong partner.

How to Role Play with Your Sex Doll?

Role play is a great way to explore your innermost desires and try new sexual behaviors and roles with your partner. You can try it with your sex doll. This is an adventure. Role playing allows you to play, dream, explore sex, in a fun way in your relationship.

Role playing is a way of “playing” and if you really like it, you can know it. In a short period of time, you pretend to be someone else. That person is not “you”, so you can safely try out all sorts of weird things. If, when you are done, you find that you really enjoy it. So how to perform a role playing with a lifelike sex doll?

1.First, find out your fantasy and determine the role you want to play.

Every adult male must have imagined a very sexy role-playing scene. Choose a character that will always attract or inspire you, and let your adrenaline rise. Nurses and patients, maids and masters, office assistants and bosses, teachers and students are just a few different roles that you can choose. If you have a perfect outfit with it, you can guarantee yourself a completely crazy role. Play the night of sex. Then list the items that the role play needs to purchase into a list. Sex dolls will not say anything about your ideas, you can boldly try your own crazy ideas.

Remember that role-playing sex is much more hospitable than regular sex, because you can play any fantasy you have ever had and play a role in sex. You can actually spend more time expecting sex, not without preparation. Sex.

2.Start your actions

You already know what kind of role play you like. Then the next step is to purchase equipment. Now that the Internet is very developed, you can buy the clothing you need and decorate the scene in the online store. It is very convenient, and the online store will also pay attention to protecting the privacy of customers without worrying about leakage of information.

3.Lay out the scene and start your game

After waiting, the required items finally arrived. Next you can begin to arrange the role-playing scene you want. Before putting on a role-playing costume for an adult sex doll, you can first clean the sex doll. After everything is ready, enjoy the role-playing sex slowly.

Learning how role playing is sometimes exposed and embarrassing, but over time, you will learn to enjoy yourself and feel comfortable with your body, even if it is a bit fat or thin. Get ready to experience new things and enjoy life.